Sunday, June 2, 2013

Art is where you find it

Yesterday a group of us took off for the foothills, picking up one member of our little group in San Andreas.   Our plan was to drive north up Highway 49 to Sutter Creek and on to Amador City for the annual All American Porch Sale.     When we drove into her senior Mobile home park, we saw a sign o the door to the clubhouse that said ART SHOW TODAY.     Hmmm.... So we checked it out and there were some good artists' work being shown.  All residents.   Several water color painters, one mixed media, two jewelry makers, a quilter who also weaves and does just about anything with fabrics.    Good snacks were provided including a big pitcher of sparkling lemonade.     It was a hot day so it just hit the spot.   What a nice group of people.  Made me want to move there and hang out with them.   

Then we went to the community garden just down the road where signs had gone up - ART SHOW TODAY.    What a hoot.   Only a few artists, one I met before in Lodi who is a good friend of Francis'.   Again, a mixed media artist, a couple watercolorists and a jewelery maker.    The master gardeners were giving lectures and the whole thing was very festive.     But we were in a big rush to get to Amador City to meet up with other friends  for lunch.   

Part of what we planned to do was gallery hop in Sutter Creek but we didn't have time.    The porches and sidewalks  in Amador City were full of bargains, and each of us came home with something.  I got a new sign for my garden that says Bird Sanctuary, hand painted by the artist showing them on the covered sidewalk in front of Sandy's shop "Country  Living".     We've been friends for nearly 40 years.   I used to have a shop there in town too.   She used to teach macrame when it was the hot item.   I feel like I've lived several lives since those days, and here she is, still  successful in her own little town.    The same with the gals in Buffalo Chips sandwich shop.   Family business now being run by the next generation down from the gal that started it. They use the same pie recipes.    I'm a pie person, so appreciate the quality and freshness.   A good pie is a piece of art.  

The first weekend in June appears to be a great time to visit the foothills.   There were yard sales, flea markets, the Italian Festival, and any other number of things that we whizzed past.   There just are not enough hours in a day.      I hope you are having a fun weekend too.  

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  1. Art is where you find it ... and you found a lot! Wish I had been in your sidecar. I only finished a hotpad today.