Sunday, August 18, 2013

Art where you find it

You know once you start looking at EVERYTHING as art, it just pops out and waves at you at every turn.     Two old chairs on my deck have cracked plastic covers.   I usually have cushions on them so have not really noticed how bad they look.   But, when removing the cushions, the cracks looked so interesting I had to photograph them.   They look like cave art.

Don't you  love to come across some unexpected found art?

Last evening, the house inside had a strange peachy glow.   I don't use curtains or blinds to keep out the light because changing light is one of my pleasures.    I rushed out to the back deck to see what made the light change, and behold, this magnificent light show right overhead.     Then I checked the front windows and it was just as spectacular, but a little ominous.   Light changes so fast, I was lucky to catch these moments.     I think today I'll try painting the first one.  I didn't do any photoshop tricks here - this is just how it looked.

1 comment:

  1. Love the crack people. You have to be speedy Gonzales to catch the light sometimes. Sometimes my husband announces a good sunset before I'm aware of it because the light hits his chair first. I grab a camera and run outside or upstairs since I can sometimes peek over the trees better from there.