Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mixed Media Madness

Make a whirly gig out of a water bottle?  Are you mad?     Who would figure out how to do this?      Well, I'll tell you one of my most creative friends, Vivian Choy did just that.      A couple years ago she taught us to make something similar, but she has taken it a step farther now and we wanted to try to make the new version.    We were all a bit clumsy about it, but with her clear directions and step by step instructions and a little help from our friends, we each came away with one for our gardens.    Mine is hanging on a branch of a white birch tree right  outside my studio window  - where I can see it from my work table.   it catches a little breeze there and whirls away.  Thanks Vivian for your experimentation and development of this cool idea.      It's fun to upcycle things.       Here is Vivian showing Linda how to make it.

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