Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yupo treat

I have a pad of Yupo paper.  Have had it for years, maybe even a decade.  I have only used two sheets of it, and those were pretty recent.     I expect to start painting on it again as my friend Jean Janssen is going to teach it at the Senior Center in Sept.    That way I'll have no excuse to put it away again.      

I was checking the internet the other day and came across a little ATC in ebay.  The sweetest snowy scene, so I bought it.     I've got a bid in on another one and hope it will make it here too.    The artist Judith Bosch from New Mexico said it would be okay to post it here with the link to her ebay account in case you might want to take a peek what else she has to offer.      What I liked so much on this is the colors.    I am not a cold weather person so usually snowy scenes are mostly cool colors, and that gives me a chill.   This uses nice warm colors and the snow is so bright.     I have never seen anyone use Yupo for ATCs before.     I consider it a tiny treasure.   Thanks, Judith

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