Thursday, October 10, 2013

Altered spoons

Digging for ideas for the Lodi Mixed Media Group, I thought we could revive altered cutlery as shown in Cloth Paper Scissors in the May/June 2008 magazine.      It was brought back again last year in Somerset, and I always planned to do some, just never got around to it.       In Boulder Creek a few years back, I bought some big spoons to alter, then put them away.       Phyllis and I were in Lodi last week and found spoons and forks at a very reasonable price, next to nothing - lol.      So, I set about making samples for the meeting.   Here they are.  
It was a lot of fun to work with wires and beads and a sledge hammer and letter punch.     All so different after my 30 days of painting.    I also found while digging in studio a bunch of things  (boxes and boxes of things) I can pass along, since they no longer hold any interest for me.     This is a good thing.      

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