Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another face

I've been looking in a paperback book, 500 Self Portraits, a Phaedon Book I ordered  from Amazon.  Since I want to practice drawing a lot of different faces with vastly different features, I figured I could find them in this book.     So far, I've drawn two.    This is Perugino from page 49.     He included a self portrait in a fresco in the Sistine Chapel (1450-1523)    Here's his pic.
Double chin, crooked nose, tight lips.     That's a change for me.     I love his nose, but not the rest.    His eyes are too large.     It's only practice .     Little by little I expect I'll understand more about noses and mouths.     Now I have the fun of finding the next victim in this book.    Or maybe I'll try him again.   Mostly the subjects in the book are men, which is fun.  Their features are so interesting.     Portraits are arranged chronologically .   It will be awhile before I find a woman's portrait.

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