Saturday, August 30, 2014

Playing catch up

Oh my, I'm way behind in posting much here and I glanced around and found some things I'd like to share here.    Some are things I made, some are people I know and places I've been.     

This first pic is my granddaughter and her creation.     she cut up a red t shirt and pinned in the red white and blue ties as straps.    My job was to stitch it for her.    She'd better wash it by hand, it will never hold up in washing machine, but the look is cute.   
 This pic was taken of friend Charlene who did a demo of transfer techniques for photographs at the Stockton Art Leage this month.  there was a good turnout as usual, and I was totally surprised by how many artists didn't know anything about transfers.     They were very interested and appreciative.    Mixed media gals use transfers all the time, but for watercolorists, oil painters and photographers, this was unexplored territory.    
 these next two pics are from a trip to visit Pat and Char at Pat's house in Folsom.  The little plants are lantanas.   The colors look so good together I had to take a snap.
 Here's just part of the group that got together to make altered vintage tags at Pat's house.    I didn't get my camera out in time to catch the rest before they drove off.     Thanks to Rosemary our chauffeur for hauling us around and all our stuff.    It was a good time to visit in the car.   We took a road I had not been on in decades, so that was fun too.      Foothills are so lovely regardless of the time of year.  Right now they are golden.
 the post cards I swapped out with the Carving Consortium were done on the opposite side of recycled cards.  I just thought I'd show the address side of one.   these were all from my aunt's stash of cards from friends.    My art is on the other side.  I showed them earlier.
 this is a stitched face on an old napkin.      It's large enough I'm using it as a cover for my sewing machine which is always set up.  And it usually has red thread in it.    LOL    My favorite color for stitching on paper or fabrics.   
 this is a picture of the shoulder/arm area of one of my favorite blouses.  I bought it years ago at the White Pines Flea Market.  I bought it because I loved the linen print.  Seems to be made of tea towels.  Everyone is wild about it when I wear it.      My friend Rosemary made  me another one from a vintage tablecloth, but I loaned it to Pat so she can make one for herself.    I particularly like the splash of yellow under the arms.      
the next pic is me modeling and  taking a "selfie" for Rosemary, who plans to teach her sewing group how to make these shirts.   it looks pretty cute over a turtle neck also, but this one has such sweet summery/springy colors I just slip into it.   Looks really good with white pants or white skirt.

BTW it took ages for me to crop around this pic - the background was such a mess I didn't want it to distract.    I need to get out the pad and pen for doing this work instead of using the cursor to move the photoshop elements tools around.       I have not tried them with  my  new computer set up.       


  1. Love that linen top and your red stitched portrait. Your granddaughter is right on trend with her t-shirt.

  2. That top does look comfy!!! Maybe your friend would write a general tutorial..... for those of us that think they'd like one too!!!