Friday, August 1, 2014

Where did July go?

My goodness, I looked back at my blog and realized my art output has dwindled to nothingness.    Not really, just nothing to post at the moment.  I've been working on a new altered book.    It is coming along and will be ready to view in the next week or two.   It's surprising how much time it can take.

I've also been sorting the family photos and boxing them.     They were so disorganized, having come from my own stash, to some from my folks, my aunt, and some relatives that sent more.      it has been fun looking through them again.      My brother is working on a video on our Dad's time in Alaska.     I really only started digging through this mess to find three particular images.  I found two, so somewhere there is another box or bag.    

I'll be back soon with photos and more art.   

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