Sunday, September 7, 2014

Whizzing by

Time?    Where does it go?      the 30 day art challenge is on again and this time I'm not painting.  Too many other things to do.     Here are some of them.

these are my son Matt's awesome jet ski pants.   I hemmed them to fit better.    Quite unusal materials and such a sporty look.   
 Friday evening was Art Hop in Lodi.    We started at the gallery, bringing food and drinks.    Then we just looked at the art and visited with people.    
 Our featured artist was Leland Choy.   Frances sat down next to him and he started a portrait of her on the spot.      Leland is the husband of our friend Vivian, who was also there helping out.  It was really a fun time. 
 after we left the gallery we went to the library where the Pen Women were doing poetry readings of their work, and they were also showing their art.   Our friends Elizabeth, Caroline, Charlene and Pepe were there so we had more visiting.      Then we went to another art venue in a little shop where they were featuring the work of Patti Wallace.    You can't put ladies in a room with hats without us trying them on.   LOL    

This is yesterday's journal page spread.    Stencils, acrylics, collage and rubber stamps.    
 Thisi s one I did a few days back.   
 And the blue eyed conductor.   could it be my cowboy is disguise?   
 Here is on of the pages I did today using an image from a fashion magazine a friend brought me.     I decided it would be more fun if the model was a bird too.   
 This skeleton stenciled page is on the opposite page.   Just for fun.

At our mixed media group this week, we made victorian or grunge tags.    
This next one was my favorite  project of the week.     My stenciled windows.   My very best friend gave me some old windows that were sitting around her garden.
I stenciled them in reverse from  the back side, then sprayed the backs with paint for the green one, and mirror glass spray on the other.        the next day she picked up the mirrored one for her house.     The green on is on my fence in the back yard in a little are I've been reworking.    it's my favorite corner of the garden now.

As you can see I  may not be painting every day, but it's all art whether sewing a hem or painting a window.   


  1. Looks like you have gotten a lot done...even if you haven't posted.... amazing how fast time can fly!!!

  2. You have been very busy! and I love the green window.

  3. Hi Janene,
    Hope you are doing well. I have missed hearing from you!
    Love all the new art and other photos. You look really nice with the green hat on!