Monday, June 23, 2014

Back to faces

I've been stuck in the slow lane for a couple days, when my back went out Saturday evening after moving a heavy flower pot in the garden.   so it's been a time for a lot of sitting in the recliner with an ice pack, or walking around wincing.    If you've ever had this injury you know what it's like.       The previous elephant paintings were done during this quiet time, and now I just finished another face.  One that I had drawn in the other journal.  I just had never painted her before.     

She looks like an Amanda to me.     She is older and healther than the last time you saw her sketched.     She survived!     

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  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Sorry I have been absent from your blog for so long. :(
    I have missed you!
    But I had stopped posting because I was having problems with Google. (7 months)
    Then now in June had to have colon surgery but thank God I am on the mend. :)
    With my daughter's help I am back in Blog Land. Yay
    Love all the New art you have posted. The painting are great and the elephant's stole my heart. I love Birds and Elephants! Please if you have a moment please stop by my blog and leave a comment. I have uploaded three Geisha Tags and also changed my header with a New doll that I made. :)
    Hugs and talk soon