Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lifes challenges - just keeping up

I am so thankful for my life and family and friends.     So many are facing huge challenges, healthwise or family problems of one kind or another.    I have been very busy last few weeks with working on things for the Spring art show, at the same time fixing up things around the house and garden in preparation for winter.   

This is the next doll to alter for Halloween. 

 My solarium is on the South side of my bedroom, built onto the deck.  It has always been the nicest warmest place to spend a winter day.   It seems to get to 80 degrees by 11 a.m. and then stays constant until 4ish.  However, because it is built over the deck there is no protection from the cold coming up through the floor, so I added a big area rug, moved the furniture around, and put in one of those electric mock fireplace heaters.   Now it will stay cozy longer and I can move my things out there earlier in the day.      I had to put some darker color valences up to help reduce the glare and  bright light to protect my eyes.     I also got rid of most of the clutter, so it is more open and delightful.  This is the first year I'll have a door.  That was my birthday present from my son, who built it from scratch and hung it so it slides back out of the way.      I'm looking forward to many wonderful days toasting in the sun filled room with my journal and supplies, or my wire bending projects, or whatever I happen to want to work with, listening to public radio with the dogs curled up on the big chair.         

Projects lately have been taken over with all these matters and designing tickets, invitations, flyers and post cards for the spring art show.   There are so many details and comparing prices and delivery, etc.     Today I'm taking the day off and heading out for my flu shot.    My friend Frances is in the hospital, and may get home today, so I'll want to stop by with somthing good for her to eat.    

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  1. Sounds like good times, love to join you in the solarium some day.