Wednesday, October 29, 2014

roughed up dolls

I realized I had not finished the little dolls when I last posted, so here they are now, with more scrapes and scratches, a little blood here and there.     Adorable little ghoulies. 

We hear predictions for rain Halloween night.    Oh my!    Where will all the decorations go?  Many are electrically controlled.    Mummies, witches with cauldrons,  escaped asylum lunatics -  Hmmmm......     I guess the porch swing can come down so they can be under the overhang.      We'll just have to play it by ear.    I don't know how many people are invited or coming, I'm out of that loop.    Thank goodness.

I wonder if I can learn to insert a short video on my blog by then.  Hmmm...     I'm thinking ahead how to record this event.     

 This is the doll Matt got at the flea market, grundged up now.   
And lastly, here are two barbie type dolls ready to come u p out of their graves.     

Now to do the gravestones, and I'm done.   

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  1. Oh wow!! These are frightfully wonderful!! Too bad the party was cancelled.