Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall leaves

I know some parts of the country went straight from summer to winter without having a leisurely fall season.   This part of California is having late fall weather now.  Leaves are blowing everywhere, and soft rain is falling.     At the senior center the last few weeks, I pick up leaves outside our art room off the patio, and take them inside to draw them.   Most people come with paints, but it is more work to set up and pack and carry and unpack and pack again.   I find it easier and just as fulfilling to carry only my little journal and a set of colored pencils.   This group meets Monday mornings, so it's a good chance to catch up with everyone.   Lots of times there is a lot  more talking and not so much art.  

Here are a three I started there.  None are really finished, but one day I may just finish them and not pick up more leaves.   The leaf colors are just so vibrant and vivid, I can't resist picking them up as each one seems a special treasure.       

This is the most recent.    

I still have all these leaves in the back of the journal.    The colors are fading, but they are still useful as models.

I wish I knew what kind of tree they come from.    Do you recognize them?


  1. I am only good at recognizing... plants when I can see the whole thing.... But the last one is my favorite. Really has some color in it.

  2. thanks Beth. I should take some leaves to a good nursery.

  3. You are an artist after my own heart! Love the leaf paintings, especially the last one. To me the leaves look like fruit or ornamental fruit trees.