Friday, November 7, 2014

owl books

Now that the holiday season is upon us, I was thinking of making some angel books as I did last year, but this time put some in the gallery for sale.    That was the intent, but then I remembered I had made an owl book last year, and that what what was speaking to me today.  The pages were already folded, I just needed to select some angelic faces.  I have some nice old lace to use, and other embellishments.  But the owls won out.  One look in  my owl database, and their faces let me to changing my plan.   Here are the first two of a series.     Either I'll run out of books. or I'll lose interest.    Hard to tell which will come first.     We'll see if anyone is interested in owl books other than me!    

I have stopped using so many things in the studio, I was happy to find I still can locate things like eyelets, and the setter, and the hole punch, hammer, and pad.    Wire is something I always keep handy so it was only the eyelets that was a worry.    It all went well though and now I know exactly where they are and are ready for the next owls.    


  1. Those look interesting... I remember the days of phonebook 'trees' and the mindless page folding could send one around the bend!!!

  2. Hi Beth. Mindless folding was exactly why I chose to make these. It was easy on the eyes. I'm going to try tiny books next.