Monday, November 24, 2014

Mixed media meets NeverDull

One of our members had used NeverDull to alter some magazine pages for her journal.    Hmmmm.... looked interesting, so we asked her if she'd lead us in some experimenting with it at the next meeting.  Thursday arrived, and so did we, with our magazine pages, gloves, table coverings, and texturing plates and/or stencils.  

  There were ten of us around the big tables, and we just set to work.  We didn't like the smell but turned on ceiling fan and finally opened the door.      Some of the gals had old tins of the stuff from ages ago, and we found that they did not work as well as the fresher stuff.   If it was at all dried out, it was just harder to use, but the fresher newer ones were also damper, so we could see faster results with less effort.       We placed the magazine pages on the table over a texture plate or anything that had a texture, and took a wad of the stuff that has the product on it, and worked it over the parts of the pages that we wanted to alter.    The texture does show through, and we can erase a lot of the ink.     We also used some alcohol to erase more inks.        Some of the gals brought National Geographic pages that we used CirtroSolv on years ago.    They worked really well.      

I consider it a kind of science project, something to do once, file it away in memory bank for the odd occasion I want to move ink around.    And then move on.    I really don't see myself doing it again.   But, who knows?     There might be a moment when it is just the right solution to get a look I want.      

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