Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine collaborations

Our mixed media group finished our little collaborative valentine booklets.     Two sizes.  Smaller ones the first week, then yesterday we did a larger size since we all had our supplies handy and enjoyed the first time so much.  This was all based on a piece we did at my pal Bobbi's house years ago,.       Our Lodi Mixed Media group had not done them, and when I showed a sample, everyone chimed in that they'd like to do it there.  So we did.

Some of us had prepared our pages and just had to glue then in each book.  Others chose to draw directly in each one.   Each person did their own thing - and had a good time doing it.  And they each got to take home a book with everyone's art in it.     

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  1. Your Mixed media Group always has lots of fun! Love to see everything you work on!
    Hope the Valentine ATC I sent, shows up on your blog soon.
    Another fun item for your fabric book.
    I added some photos of some places that I recently visited please stop by soon to view them. Remember please leave a comment.