Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Owl Swap Feb 2015

Some of the gals in  an online group decided to swap owls.  We got this swap idea several months ago but waited for deadline in Feb so it would not be in conflict with holidays.    Here are the flat ones that I sent and received.   One is fron Arizona, two from Texas, one from Canada, and mine (its the one with the fabric feathers).    I have then grouped together on my table.    the feathery owl and the little clay one on wire feet are from my Christmas collection.   I thought they'd like the company.      

Thanks gals, that was a fun swap.    I love the variety, and all the different techniques you used.     They look so cute together.   Only the one on the left arrived with a broken button eye.  I have not replaced it yet, cause I kind like it this way.   LOL     

I made mine to hang off of wine bottles.   The feathers are a mix of text from a book,  some cotton fabric, silks and some upholstery materials.


  1. Oh, I love your Group of Owls!
    What a fun swap......
    Do you know I LOVE BIRDS?

  2. Janene,
    They look fabulous together! Owl have a glass of white, thank you.

  3. Don't they look fabulous together!!?? That's a great idea for how to display them. I just love them.

  4. Janene, what a cool way to display them and don't they look terrific together!!