Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tripping down memory lane

Internet or obscurity?    So many things are changes, I thought I'd poke around in my past online whilst wasting time waiting to go to a friends house to see a movie.    I found on online exhibit I made years ago is still there!   Surprise!   Figured by now it would be gone.    Here it is.

Checked around some more, and found an article I wrote.

Then looking further, heres a book talk with my friends.

Oh my, I'm popping up again with this collection of photographs I processed.

And the Harmony Grove Cenetery Records.

Here's another article.

that's enough for now.     Just thought I'd share a bit of the past with  you.     Once we move on to other things, the past seems to disappear.  But apparently, not on the internet.

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