Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Hi again.   I'm still here.      I've been working like a trouper clearing my mountain retreat the sale of which will be final on Saturday.      My granddaughter took a lot of stuff for her own place, one grandson came another day and loaded, my son took the truck to do repairs and bring back a load another day.      Not much time for art.

But, I did get some gelli printing done on post cards to send to friends.   Here are a few with just the backgrounds.  

With all the donations and give aways lately, I still felt a pressing need to add a couple of the smaller gelli plates to my studio.  LOL   In turn, I got rid of lots more stuff.Last evening Henrietta Sparkman gave a demo at Lodi Art Center  on monoprinting with household objects.   She is giving a full workshop on Saturday, some of my friends are going.    I'll be in the country.  

I have been using household objects for years so think I've got it covered in my own work.  But, you know, you always can learn some new trick.    I learned last night about using acrylic  printing inks.  They were much heavier than I expected and I would have called them paints - but the labels said inks.     I always use paints.    Might want to try inks someime.

Sam and Pepe are the featured artists this month.   It took a long time to convince them to show there again, and I promised them as much space as they wanted, they could mount their own show, and set up their lighting - and use the front windows.     they did all those things, and it was such a great opening reception, with most of the people they had invited, plus the regulars and fans of their work. 

I have a new injury I have to show you  - because it is the shape of a heart.    My dog was scratching at my wrist to get my attention.  Didn't break the skin, but an hour later, this appeared under the skin.    Getting older means getting bruises and minor injuries.  

Finally, here is a pic of Frances trying to embarass Sam and a guest.     He doesn't look unhappy about it.   LOL   


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  1. Oh, those getting-older bruises! My mom's dog did the same thing to her arms. At least yours is heart shaped... :)