Saturday, July 11, 2015

Online class - Nature's Art

On a whim a few weeks ago, before my life got turned upside down with moving things from the country to home - and thrift stores - I signed up for an online workshop "Nature's Art".   It is taught by a woman from South Africa, who picks up branches, twigs, driftwood and leaves that she uses as canvases.    I like to paint on leaves.   So, why not on branches and twigs?   Thinking I'd still  have the place in the country to retreat to and take long walks picking up things along the way.  

Well, that didn't work out.   Not going to the country for long walks often.   Rarely is more like it.   

 But at the beach the other day, in the backyard I found a little bit of a palm frond and thought I'd bring it home to paint on.    Here it is.   The natural fibers in the piece lent themselves perfectly to wind/water swept hair... 

The second is another little bit off the palm trees that line the main street in front of the house.        I've only watched a couple of the many videos available on the workshop so far, but have it available anytime.   Ms Bain does a lot of preparation on her pieces.  Filing, sanding, scraping, etc.     These did not require much except a stiff brushing and then some gesso.     It was kinda fun to do these.   She suggests leaving them in the woods or on the beach again so someone can find them.     I think I'll just put them out in my garden to watch them weather.    

 I wish I'd turned the second one sideways. Today it looks like a bird's head with open beak.    Hmmm...  I may paint over the girl and go for a bird yet.    

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  1. Hi Janene,
    What a neat idea. Might have to look for some to paint on myself. :)
    Here we have lots of palm trees. :)
    Was the teacher Marilou Bain?