Friday, July 3, 2015

I just felt like it

I'm heading off to the gallery to drop off this piece of art.   I just finished it the day before.   It was a good hair day so I snapped a pic.   How vain can you get?    

Here is the little felt landscape I've been working on.   It is being shown in the gallery now in the membership show.  This was done by hand with needles.   It started much smaller and grew and grew.    It measures about  6 x 6 inches.     most of it was done with a single needle.  I work on top of a foam piece to keep the needle from sticking into ME!    These are really sharp needles, just ask any felter.       Part of the background was done with a 5 needle tool which blends things together well, but for detail and sculpting, a single needle is necessary.      It is mounted on a pice of commercial felt, and shown in a shadow box with glass front.     I really enjoyed the whole process.   I carried it around in a little case with supplies and tools, and worked on it at the gallery while taking my turn as sitter.      I could visit with friends at the same time.  It's very relaxing.    While I cannot wear wool on my arms and wrists, it presented no problems with my  hands.  I think I'll start another one soon.  


  1. such a lovely landscape! good luck with it at the show...