Friday, July 10, 2015

Soft Pockets for big bucks

I started constructing some little cloth book covers - but mid way, they decided they wanted to be book pockets.  Actually they fit a Kindle reader or my  Samsung tablet.     I sure like them on the table rather than looking at technology pieces strewn about.     I used some of my favorite background fabrics and did not embellish the backs.  Seems more practical to leave them plain.    Anyway I love to look at the fabric!   LOL    

These seem so simple, I thought I could throw them together in an hour or two, but it acturally took several days to work out what to put where.   One of the images was printed on cotton, the other two are printed on paper.  One is coated with gel medium, the other covered with tulle.    

I was thinking about selling them in the gallery but with the number of hours it took, I'd have to charge at least $100 for my time and effort.  And they'd never sell for that.    Sooooo.... I think they may be gifts for friends, or donation for a raffle prize at the gallery.    I'm quite happy with being able to donate raffle prizes, and they always bring in a lot of ticket money.  The gallery needs all the help it can get.   

Actually they were so much fun, I think I'll start a couple more.   it's a grey rainy day.     Well, a few drops count as rain don't they?     In the midst of a drought, any little bits of rain are good.