Monday, August 31, 2015

Renewed life - girl with a towel

I did an acrylic study years ago, based on a photo in the local newspaper.      I never liked it well enough to show it to anyone, but I was still intrigued with the subject.   So - when I came across it in and old pad of large watercolor sheets, there it was.  A reminder of things that didn't measure up.       I still had paints out on the work table, so grabbed up the palette knife again and made a new painting out of the  old.    these are acrylics, but I'm trying to mimic the look of an oil painting, just as I did with the cat.      this is a mix of all kinds of paints from my stash.   Craft paints, patio  pains, glass paints, acrylics, whatever I'm trying to use up before they dry out.    I started the renovation yesterday and finished this afternoon.      Not that she's really finished.     Maybe I'll let her sit another decade and then take another whack.    

1 comment:

  1. Very painterly, Janene. LOL over waiting another decade. Age does improve things, or one's take on it. I like it thus far...