Friday, August 28, 2015

Sleepy cat

I took this snapshot of the cat dozing on the rickety old deck/porch in Walnut Grove back in the 80s.    I decided to scan it today and consider it for a painting subject.

When I blew it up on the screen, I knew I'd have to paint it quick.    I grabbed my Pigma sepia tone brush pen and watercolor pad, and set to work.  Very quickly.    Then three colors of paints very loosely applied.     I have captured the essence of it.    Will do it again when I'm down in the studio.   Actually what I'm going  for is the look of a looser oil painting/sketch only with acrylics.  i would have preferred using a heavier bodied paint and a palette knife.   Maybe later.

I thought the Pigma pen was water soluble and was expecting the ink to bleed into the paint.     I see that it is a permanent ink so can't count on the blending of the lines with the paints.      Maybe I'll use a different pen and see how it works next time.    .   

Today it's 100 degrees outside so didn't want to be out there cooped up with the ac blasting, when I wanted to keep the house cool too.    This was a fun project, altogether I think it took less than and hour.     painting loosely is something I've been wanting to do.    Here's   the photo, the painting and then the painting with some photoshop diddling.   I got some of the lines back and better contrast.      I like it better this way, but that isn't what I set out to do.    LOL

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