Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Practice book - Prompt #1- Smile

Let's start off feeling positive about making a practice book. First, select a page and print Prompt #1 on the upper right hand corner. It's going to be a fun exercise - so smile! And make a page of smiles. You can draw them, cut them from catalogs and magazines, stencil them, rubber stamp them or add a photo of someone you love smiling. When you are done, see how many ways you found to express happiness. How many techniques did you use? Did you cover the page with a collage? Or use just one special smile? Your own artistic style will develop as you work your way through a practice book. Maybe you are eclectic and want to try everything! That's perfectly okay.
If this is your first altered book - wasn't it fun to mess around on a page - just for practice? And if you don't like it you can cut it out and try again. Or you have so many ideas you want to do more pages of smiles. Okay, no one will stop you. The Altered Book Police have been laid off for lack of funds.

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