Monday, August 17, 2009

Practice Book - Prompt #2 - the X factor

This is so simple, yet so effective. Since this is only the second prompt, it is time to get comfortable with actually cutting into the book. We will ATTACK it!!! With a knife!!!! Do I hear screams? Be brave, it can't fight back! Pick a page with a empty page on each side. Write Prompt #2 on the top right hand corner. Place a cutting mat behind this page. Now, just draw on a medium size x somewhere near the center of the page. Don't go all the way to any edges. Now with your box cutter, or Xacto knife - cut the X. You probably will want to use a ruler or straight edge to make a clean cut. Once you have the X cut, turn back each section and you will find you now have a window. You can cut off the flaps, or leave them there. If you paint them or decorate them, it makes a kind of frame.

Hmmmm...... What can you do with a window? Remember the window works two directions. The page following the window is a perfect place for an image or a word - or an embellishment. Plus, once you have turned the window page, you will note there is a second place of interest on the page preceding the window page. So, think of something fun to put there too. You might want to experiment with a lot of smaller X's to make a whole composition of windows with surprises behind them. Now that the cuts have been made, you can decorate your page to highlight the windows. What would you like to see in the window? What would you Not want to see in a window? I can't upload any pics tonite. I'll try to add them tomorrow. Have fun! Attack!

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