Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art show - Mixed Media

I recently entered two pieces in an invitational art show at the Lodi Art Center. The call for works went out with the stipulation that they must be small works. The paintings could be no larger than 8x12 - although the matting and framing could be any size. I entered two pieces in the mixed media category, one of which, Da Vinci Revisited took first place. If you click on it and look at it closely you will note that there is a lot of texture going on - all from a painting I'd done previously that I didn't like - so I painted and collaged over it. I'm sharing it here, although it is not an altered book, it could have just as well been done in an altered book.

I have had requests to purchase individual pages from my altered books!!!! Remove them, mat and frame them. I could not honor those requests because it would be like cutting off a corner of a painting. Or whacking off a piece of a sculpture. My books are cohesive units.

How do you feel about your altered books? Would you be willing to disassemble them and sell individual pages?

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