Sunday, November 22, 2009

Practice book or Art Journal

Some of my good friends are enjoying making art journals, and never wanting to miss out on anything that sounds like fun artistically (up to a point) - I have started one myself. It is much like a practice book - but I 'm not trying any structural things in it. I am using a composition notebook I covered with fabric, just like covering a board book as in the tutorial given earlier. I had no particular plans and was sort of wondering where to start, so I thought I'd follow what some of my art pals do, clean off your table and use the scraps. I had a folder sitting there with images and some poetry I wrote prior to doing the Mushroom book. These were rejects for that project - but they are good enough to save, so I started with them. Here are the first few pages. Thanks Roberta, Jackie, Pat, Sally, Krissi and the rest of you who have inspired this activity. I think this is something I can work on at the Sr. Center instead of carting paintings back and forth.


  1. I see I'm already going to love your journal...the personal little drawings that make the images stand out....the bits of poetry....I think it's time I started a new one with a little different twist. You always inspire ME!

  2. "Practice Book!" Yeah, that's what it is! I have a Moleskine sketchbook in which I put ideas, studies for paintings and stuff I draw to pass the time in front of the TV. I never thought "art journal" quite captured what it was, but "practice book" does!

    AND YOURS IS AMAZING, of course! xoxo