Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leaves - checking on your progress

Did you play with leaves? We are having a cold snap tonite, so that means the leaves will drop fast now. They have survived a few wind storms but this will be the turning point. I can already feel the chill. So, tomorrow will be a good day to collect leaves to press. There is no rain so they will not be damp. You may know of special trees in your neighborhood or close by that have designer leaves. The Tiffany's of leaves. The Coco Chanel of leaves. Those are the ones you have to get NOW. There is a tree in the parking lot in front of the Conservatory of Music at the University. I parked under it for years, and could not resist picking them up on my walk to work. I'll have to pop over there tomorrow for my leaf fix.

The leaves in my own yard will need to be raked tomorrow.

I suggest you revel in the beauty of the season and get some leaves to use in your altered books.

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