Saturday, February 27, 2010

Altered Book - Ilusions

I decided recently to redo my Surviving altered book. It is a mess structurally speaking and I wanted a better tunnel, so I used a board book and carved a tunnel into it with a box cutter and metal edged ruler. then I lined the pages with papers a friend gave me. Sort of industrial types of images on them, or stones and asphalt. Urban for the most part and fitting the being rescued from burial under debris theme. BUT! Since it is a board book, it isn't very thick. I considered constructing a box behind it to deepen the tunnel - but then another thought struck me. I was listening to an old recording by Marlene Dietrich called Illusions on a Divas album. I decided to change the theme and see what I could do with it. I used just enough of the lyrics to fit the length of the book. I found a font made of silhouettes of people in different poses. I used cat punchies to lead the reader on this little journey.

My friend Sally tells this joke. " I don't really have ADD. Was that a chicken?" Hmmm.... did I tell it right? Did you get it?

Anyway, on a whim the book took on this new direction. One of the things I tried to do was to use various rough edged and some netting and mica to cover the opening and make it look deeper without losing the images either from the front or from the back. This worked well, but doesn't show too well in photos. Here are the pics. I hope you like it.

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