Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Talk

Next week Sally, Pat and I will be giving a presentation on Altered Books and Book Arts at the Lodi Art Center. Sally has done more with constructions than I have and is also an eye candy kind of artist. She uses all the bells and whistles with interactive things, doors, windows, flaps, envelopes, etc. Pat does many colaborative decos with online groups, and will show some of those. She is also doing some constructions as well. And I'll lead off with altered books and introductions. We'll be taking questions throughout the talks, and encourage people to come up and handle our books at the end of the talks. Some of the Stockton ladies that I paint with are going to come up and I love the support and opportunity to share what we are doing. I also work in the gallery on Tuesday morning, have art play date with Bobbi and friends on Monday, and Thursday will be the first meeting of a new mixed media group I am trying to start in Lodi. It will be a hectic week, but one full of fun things.

I'm thinking about starting a new altered book on Phobias. I'm not the first person to like this topic and a couple people have published art books on the subject. But, I can guarantee this one will be far different than anything that has been done before. There are web sites that list phobias, and some of them are very intersting. I'll probably use the more bizarre phobias just to make it more fun. Earlier, I bought the book "Altered States". That might be the one to use for the phobia book. Hmmmmm....... I love to start new books, and I have had a lag period of lots of paintings and collages, but not much activity bookwise. I think it's time to do another one.
I'll post as it progresses.

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