Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lodi Book Arts Talk

Welcome to those of you who came to the Book Arts talk at the Art Center last evening. What a great group. I had so many things I wanted to say, and forgot them entirely, so awoke at 3 a.m. wishing I had talked about things like using copyrighted material and many other things. Well, that's what the blog is for.

If you are new to Altered Books and want to start one, I advise you to go to the oldest post first, and work your way forward through time. I also encourage you to think of altering a book as a great adventure, one that can quickly consume your mind and time. Don't take it too seriously. And, when you get to the part of the blog about practice books - that might be a good place to start.

Thanks for making us feel so welcome last night. Hope to see you at the mixed media play group on Thursday morning. I'm going out to my studio this afternoon to find things to bring for show and tell, and also things that can move along to other artists.

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