Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh where , oh where did my last post go?

I put up a post yesterday talking about the workshop given by artist/friend Roberta Schmidt. It was a collage with words workshop at the Lodi Community Art Center for the Mixed Media Group. We started with a writing challenge, but we did not need to use the words later or share them with the group. That made it easy. She made us all very comfortable and we all knew each other (there were 12 of us). Then we found a central image to use, and glued it onto the paper she supplied. She also had a handout with images. Then it was time to paint. I normally paint my backgrounds first. But this twist was to put the background around the image. I remember doing that with my fashion model series a few years ago, but since then I had gotten away from it. This was good for me to revisit that technique. We don't ever want to get stuck in a rut, it becomes too routine and ultimately we'll get bored. Thanks, Roberta for getting me unstuck. LOL Here is a pic of my unfinished collage. And a couple of pics of crops done in Photoshop that can be used for post cards. The couple in the photo are my parents.

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