Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3 Good Mail Day

I mailed off a nice stack of post cards this morning, and came home from the gallery to find three new pieces in my own mailbox. Here they are. One with original rhymes by Emily Pruitt of S.C., another from my art pal Jackie in Sacramento, with a copy of the poem she had copied onto the back of it. The last card is from a new art pal, Linda McAllister from Herald. It came in torn and some of the pickets were folded back. I'll probably glue it back together before it goes in my mail art treasure chest. I gave up the binder, it was too hard to keep it up, as I like to keep each artists work together rather than add them in chronologically. A box seemed a better solution, with dividers to separate the various artists I collect. I'll take a pic sometime and post it.

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