Sunday, February 5, 2012

Post cards, more valentines

Lucky me, some more Valentines arrived in my mail box. Here are three new ones. Terri sent the sweet card with the lovers on it. Sally sent the one with the little girl holding the heart. It's so cute, but had a hard time in the mail system. The white fillagree flowers barely made it here, only about half of it is attached. I really like the shape of the card and am surprised it came through as well as it did with only a small ding on one point. I would have expected the points to be roughened up a lot more. And last but not least, from Nansha, a cupcake valentine card. She knows it is one of my fav themes, and I really like the use of the dots and the sparkly heart. Thanks girls. These will now be added to my growing Valentine collection.

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