Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring photos

Today is near the end of February. We had a few very spring like days and now have a series of storms on the way. In the Valley the trees are blossoming like mad. Fruit orchards in all shades of pinks and whites. When a breeze comes along it's like a snowstorm, loosening the blossoms and setting petals to the wind. Soon these will be buffeted by the incoming storms and the peak period to photograph them will pass. These are pics I took this a.m. Blossoms on the pavements, walkways, drains near the Sr. Center where we made art. One is enhanced digitally just to remind you how much fun it is to punch up the colors in Photoshop. The pink blossoming trees are in my neighborhood. One is enhanced as well. These make good backgrounds and inspiration for paintings. Don't you love Spring?

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