Monday, April 16, 2012

April musings

April is a crazy month this year. So many things going on. So much fun. The Art Center is ready to mail out the post cards I designed to promote the Spring Show. Now it's time to design the program to be distributed to all who attend. Friends are getting together tomorrow in Modesto to make art. I am taking a project for everyone. I put the first coat of gesso on the old quilt pieces that are cut into shapes to use for collage. Pics will follow. I can't wait to see what everyone does with theirs. This morning at seniors I carved just one stamp and started a 2nd one. I'll finish it on Wednesday at the other senior center. Next week I'll go to Cat's place for an art get together. Not sure what the project will be - but I can always think up something. They usually make cards. Not post cards, but real greeting cards. I might just join in - but in a post card size. Pics will follow.

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  1. The post card invitation was fabulous! Wish, wish, wish I could be there to toast your talents at the opening.