Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing the canvas bird book

This little book was a joy to make. Pure bliss. All my favorite things. Canvas. Paint. Birds. Words from an old child's 2nd reader. Postage Stamps. Paper napkins. Doesn't that make you want to make one too? The canvas was cut to make prayer flags last year, and I had some left over. One summer day I took them out on the patio and slapped gesso and paints on them. For some reason, they looked boring so I added some arches painted on. I don't think I had anything really in mind for them, but I like the arch form...... Then I put them away and forgot about them.

A few nights ago, I took a book to bed and it had pictures that featured arch forms. Hmmmm... and it had some bird cages stitched onto plastic. They were so cute, I could hardly wait until morning to head for my sewing machine and the drawer where I keep plastic wrap and baggies. Once I had sewn 4 of them (they are so cute) I wondered what I could do with them. I opened a drawer looking for the folder of bird images and noticed a file with the canvas in it. An AHA!!! moment. It all just clicked from there and I just went with the flow. I love when this happens. They are the best moments when a creative spark is lit and bursts into flame. These pics are the results. I hope you enjoy it. One of the stitched plastic bird cages is one one page.


  1. Janene, I absolutely L O V E this canvas bird book!!! The textures, colors, images...can I just say, I love the King's head on the bird...AND the piper with the bagpipes playing to the birdie :-) I can definitely see that you were loving this project...what an original canvas book! Hmm...I think I DO have some canvas around here....

  2. Oh Janene, your little canvas book of birds is gorgeous! Love it, love it! :)