Monday, June 25, 2012

Alcohol and art - inking or drinking?

Was that gin I smelled in the art room this a.m.? Yes, it was. Jean was demonstrating gin transfers onto watercolor paper for some of the gals who had not seen it before. Personally, I use vodka. Only because one of my sons left a big bottle in my cupboard years ago and forgot about it. LOL

This week in Lodi at the Mixed Media Group, we will be playing with alcohol inks. One game pieces and on high gloss papers. I guess I'd better dig out things to play with that will work with the alcohol inks. Like some old samples I made years ago, and some new game pieces I acquired by throwing out the game and keeping the pieces, rather than donate them. I'm looking forward to some experimental inking. My old alcohol inks are the Pinata inks. They came out before Tim Holtz inks were around. They still work, and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. Reminds me of the colors my aunt used to use on silk scarves.

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