Thursday, June 14, 2012

Progress report

I can hardly believe it. Moving the things to the car to take to Lodi left a huge space in my studio. And tonite I cleared off the counter. Put like things together and started a new stack to give away. I can see the progress little by little.

The studio has two doors that open outward. My original thought was to be able to work in there with them wide open so the air flow would be better, and also it would feel more a part of the garden. Some volunteer flowers had sprung up in front of one door and they were so pretty, I let them stay. Since I could no longer open that door, I started to move things in front of it on the inside. Eventually a loaded bookcase ended up there. LOL How did that happen? Must have been art gremlins or book fairies.

Last evening just before dark, I pulled out those flowers and am making plans to move the bookcase, giving away most of the books, and reopening the door. this will make evenings so pleasant, when I want to work out there. And mornings will be delicious as I can hear the birds and smell the sweetness of the morning air. That's my next big plan for the studio. But, first another trip to the country to do the work needed there. This is the time I wish I had the strength of a man and the energy of a 40 year old. It's sometimes hard to accept the limitations imposed by the passing of many years since I saw 40. Decades have passed. More than one decade, more than two, more than three!!! Yikes! I guess I'm old.

When the weather is hot, like it is now, the house heats up. Living upstairs and getting full sun all day, my living quarters do not cool off easily. I don't have central air conditioning, so rely on fans, and open windows. The solarium on the deck is cooler though in the evening. The windows are all open with screens, and it does not hold the heat once the sun drops. Especially if there is a delta breeze. It's an ideal place to sit in the late evening before bed time. Public radio keeps me company, along with the little K9 pals, and sometimes a DVD on the portable player. My friend Bobbi gave me a chair many years ago, that landed out there. It rocks, it reclines, it swivels, it fits me and a lap full of dogs. I could darn near spend the night there.

Speaking of night, I'm tired and heading for the shower. G'nite friends.

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