Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Button, button....

Who's got the button? I do. Lots and lots of them. My mom's buttons, my own, my friends mom's, buttons from garage sales, flea markets, etc. Bobbi reminded me the other day that we had made button necklaces a year or two ago. I dug out my green one and wore it on Monday and it looked so cute, I thought I'd make a couple more. They are very casual so fit with my everyday look, good over a t shirt, or sweater. Here are the latest, a purple and green with touches of yellow(it looks much more purple than showing in pic), and a second one of blues, turquoise, and orange. The green one showing is the first one I did.

I've developed my own way for attaching them to the ribbons which tie around the back of my neck. Since I string them on a fine wire, all I have to do it wrap the wire around the ribbon a couple times, and string it back through a couple buttons, then put a dab of crystal laquer on the end after cutting it as short as possible. No findings are needed, it's quick and easy. And looks good as well.