Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A little poem from a friend. RAKS

A very nice senior lady bought some of my things at the Senior Center Art Show last fall. I had her name on the check and added her to my mailing list, so periodically I send her a post card RAK. She called me after she received the first one and asked me what a RAK is. We have all asked that sometime before we learned it means Random Acts of Kindness - at least in altered art circles. Now she calls each time she gets one and we chat about a lot of things. She is a very interesting person, with interests so far from mine for the most part - like Poker - but we also like to talk about interesting places in California.

Here is the poem she mailed to me recently written in her very precise handwriting inside a lovely floral note card with a lace border. It is something I'll cherish.

Like angels from above
There are people overflowing with love.
And what are some of the things they do?
They look for ways to give to me and you,
And unexpectedly surprise us
with Random Acts of Kindness.
by Marcia Childress copyright 2012

Thank you Marcia.

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