Tuesday, August 28, 2012

mail art - coming and going

I've been remiss about posting mail art lately. Here are a few things ready to go out. One is the collaboration with Punwit. I put little green checks on the parts I just added. Now it goes back and we'll see if he thinks it's done, or if he returns it with more changes. One never knows....

Then there is the horizontal beachy one which is for a swap with the CA Art Girls. We were to use a word. Is La-di-da a real word? Apparently. I had not used this new rubber stamp yet, so was glad to put it to use.

The portrait style beachy one is for a Cloth Paper Studio swap, our challenge was to use masking or painters tape covering something. There is a cute post card underneath my collage. The recipient (Norma) can either peel it off or leave it as is.

Then there is a new card from Roberta, she was in a blue painterly day when this was done. Thanks Roberta. I love receiving your cards.

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