Friday, August 10, 2012

outgoing mail art

Here are more post cards going out in the mail. The overlaid collage is the collaboration with Suzanne. It's headed back to her once more. I wonder if it will return? I"m seeing her at a meeting in Sacramento next week, so maybe I'll find out then.

The out on bail card, I found amusing, but worried about how the recipient might feel, so I sent it to Sam and Pepe. I saw them at the gallery today and told them it was coming and not to be offended. They shared that they had made a piece of art recently be were afraid it would be offensive to some people, so had not put it in the gallery yet.

Pepe is in charge of the website for the gallery and made some recent changes that are really nice. Check out Lodi community Art Center to see what's new there.

The gallery was abuzz with people today, working on committees for the photography show, the spring show, and the unframed art show coming up in Sept.

It was a good day to work there and get to see everyone.

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  1. Hi Janene,
    Finally got over here to see your new art. Love all the postcards you havce received and the ones you have sent out. Hope one is making it's way to Florida. VBG