Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Looking for inspiration

What better place than a ride in the country with friends to a wonderfully colorful quilt show held at a premiere winery?   With the threat of rain coming in across the valley, we were lucky to have this one free day to enjoy the countryside.   We didn't see a lot of color, but enough to know that Fall is definitely here.   Here is a quilt done by my friend Mary, I tagged it as one of my favorites before I noticed her name on it.

   So, see, I was not prejudiced! 
   I also liked a zen tangle wall hanging.

I had not seen zen tangles in the quilt arts before.  

 In the wearable arts, there was a sweet little dress made of an old embroidered table cloth.   How sweet is this?

Since this quilt show is held in Calaveras County, the home of Mark Twain's Jumping Frog Jubilee, there are always some frog quilts.  Here is one sample. 

 I put that one in for Diane!     Here's a hello from Murphys for the gals at Cloth Paper Studio, one of my favorite Yahoo groups.    

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  1. Hi! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! I love the frog quilt. Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder on this field trip.