Saturday, December 1, 2012

Altering an old atlas

What to do with an old atlas.   The world has changed so much since this one was published, it's no longer good for finding countries.  Borders and names have changed in some parts of the world.   But the atlas was lovely and I could not send it off to the library book sale, as it just refused to  leave home. 

  Then one day at our critique meeting, Roberta showed me the atlas she was using to paint faces.     AHA!    I can do that!    But I can also do a bit of collage and also use it to store some faces in print that I collected and love.   

Roberta is working in acrylics.   I chose to "paint" with oil pastels because the colors are so rich and I just needed a good excuse to get them out and see what they could do.     I did a couple in acrylics too, but will show them later.   

 You will often see the Modgliani influence with the faces I draw.  I love long necks and faces.   Even the girl with thte pearl earring has taken on his style.  LOL


  1. Love how you're putting a face on the world.

  2. I really like your paintings in the atlas - very interesting combination.