Saturday, December 1, 2012

Working in a series

My mailing list is pretty large, so I often make my post cards in a series, sort of mass production, although each one is a bit different from all the rest.   For this series, I used two kinds of paper napkins purchased from TJ Max yesterday.  I paid $1.69 per package of 20 napkins by Punch Studio in Culver City, CA.   It takes approx 1/4 of a napkin for each card.   

I had already decided and printed out the vintage image I wanted to use this year and glued them onto the post cards.    Next I separated the napkins from the back two layers of white.  That leaves a fine layer of the design which can be glued onto the surface.  I tore them into strips and applied glue stick to the card and pressed the napkin strips onto the card.     It's more lively and interesting to use both napkins on each card.

Try as hard as you can to find two just exactly alike - and you'll find it's impossible.    One of a kind, each and every one.

Next I will trim the excess off and do some colorizing with inks and stains.    Then a coat of liquid gel medium to make sure everything stays stuck down well.    I have not decided yet whether to stitch around the edges, or use some glitter somewhere on them, or whether to layer on some tulle.     I like the holiday cards to be extra special, so I"ll probably do more tweaking and adding as the days go by and more ideas spring to mind.    To keep me company this a.m. while I was working on these, I was playing a DVD of The Vicar of Dibley.      That also put me in a good holiday mood.      Here are the pics up to the moment.  

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