Monday, December 24, 2012

Mixed Media - fused glass

One of our members (JC Strote) does fused glass.  She makes beautiful things she shows in the gallery.  On occasion I purchase some of them.     This month she invited our group to her home to make fused glass pieces, ornaments or whatever.   She had already cut and readied a lot of smaller bits of glass and had made a number of samples of what we might want to make.      Well, hardly any of us followed her samples, as we are a group of art rebels and resist following someone else's path - but we came away having had a marvelous experience with friendship and camaraderie in abundance.   She did the firin the next day and left a box in the gallery so we could pick them up.     Here's a pic of part of the group and some of the finished works.  Thanks JC for a great day.  And to Patti Wallace who was her helper setting up and getting ready for us.

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