Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making your mark

Words, words, words.     Yes, we believe in words.   The next question is - how to apply them to your work.     Here are some of the ways you might want to use.

1.   Cut out words and phrases, or even just letters, and glue them down.    Whether from a magazine, a book, or printed from your printer.   My friend Phyllis recently loaned me one of her old typewriters, and I'm having fun typing phrases with it.   It's a very uneven crookedy kind of type.    I love it!   I just cut them out and use  a glue stick to adhere them.   You can also print onto fabrics which could be cut into strips.

2.  Write it on, or Paint it.    If you want particular sizes or styles, this can be such a good way.    Calligraphy, or loose writing - either that suits you. There are dozens of books to help you learn different lettering techniques, but your own handwriting makes it's own statement.    It is loads of fun to experiment with lettering.  

3.  Rubber stamps.     Individual letters can be used to put together your words or phrases.  Sometimes its good to use just one size or font, but other times  you can mix and match sizes and fonts and colors for interesting looks.     Or you can purchase words and phrases.   You can have stamps made to order with your favorite phrases.  

4.   Stencils.  Individual letters combined to make words, or sometimes you can get a stencil with just the right words.   Of course you can cut your own.... 

5.  Stickers and rub ons.     Many letters and words are available through scrapbooking sources and graphic art sources.   I inherited pages and pages of rub ons.     Many sizes and types of fonts.   I've given away dozens to friends and I still have plenty.     I'm amazed the decades old rub ons still work.    I usually give them a spray coating after placement, just to make sure they stay put.  

6.  Label makers.     The old DYMO labels make interesting additions to pages.     I think they are still making them.       Computer printing on labels is a quick way to add your words.   You won't even need a glue stick. 

7.   Stitching and wire.     Embroidery stitching with threads or ribbons are a little more tedious, but are wonderful ways to add words.     Thin wire can be bent into the shapes of words or letters and can be stitched onto a page, or glued on, or wired on.      Experiment.    

8.  Embossing.    There are commercial embossing kits and supplies available.     You can emboss one of your pages, or on metal, or other papers and attach to your pages.    Aluminum duct tape and an old ball point pen can be used.

I'm sure you will think of others I've missed.    These are the methods I use.    I hope you have some fun using words in your art.     

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