Thursday, March 7, 2013

More paintings in waiting

Thesee are two paintings that I've been playing around with, or am about to play with.    A woman with a hen is the subject of both.     The painted one was done on a yellow ochre background, so the colors are much different than most of my work.     It was an experiment introducing different background planes.   Well the hen is huge - I think it must have been genetically altered.   Have you noticed the size of chicken breasts in the grocery store?    Almost the size of small turkey breasts.     I don't know what they are feeding them, but I can't think it is healthy taking in those genes and hormones into our bodies.   Oops, I'm supposed to be talking about painting instead of going off on a rant....     Sorry.     But, seriously, think about it.

The next piece is in the drawing stage.    She looks like SHE has been genetically altered.  Serves her right.   She ate too much of that first hen.     

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  1. Janene, your writing makes me smile! I love how adventurous you are in your artwork. Happy day to you.